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Every act is a step towards a better world

A true corporate culture requires conviction, carefully chosen values, and passion in how you act. Every day, we strive to combine economic performance, social progress and sustainable development. Discover our societal projects.

1 contract signature = 100 trees planted

To offset our carbon footprint, we want to plant 2,000 trees each year. Thanks to "Reforest'action", we can involve our customer in this process since each newly signed Managed Services contract triggers the planting of 100 trees in France or Morocco.

Find out how many trees we have planted here.


Durablement responsables

Preserving bees and biodiversity

Motivated by a desire to preserve biodiversity, DIGORA has installed 4 beehives on the terrace of its Strasbourg agency and also supports the association "Un toit pour les abeilles" (“A roof for bees”). Due to the development of monoculture and the use of chemicals, bees now find more favourable living conditions in proximity to urban areas. Each year, we can enjoy between 30 and 40 kilos of a very floral and hyperlocal honey.

Ruches sur la terras du siège social de Digora

Support the integration of people with motor disabilities

For many years, Digora has supported the Arahm (Regional Association to Support People with Motor Disabilities) in its work. We work exclusively with the Essor ESAT (a workshop to promote the professional inclusion of people with disabilities) for all of our printing needs.


Helping young people enter labour market

Digora supports the “Nos Quartiers Ont Du Talent” ("Our Neighbourhoods Have Talent") initiative. Each year, several employees sponsor and support young highly educated graduates from priority neighbourhoods or disadvantaged backgrounds to help them make progress towards employment.


Support the training and employment of young talents

Digora has also forged a strong partnership with higher education, in particular with the University of Strasbourg, the Strasbourg School of Management and the Polytech group. Each year we welcome different young talents in internships, work-study arrangements or as part of a first job.

Jeunes talents