The publisher Ciuch enjoys increased flexibility with EDB Postgres

Ciuch, the publisher of a solution for operating automated warehouse systems (WCS: Warehouse Control System), has migrated to EDB Postgres in order to adapt to the needs of its customers and to gain more flexibility.

Initiated by changing customer needs

To be able to more easily integrate the Ciuch solution into the multi-technology architectures used by these customers, Ciuch chose EDB Postgres. This also allows them to adapt to the new use cases brought on by the cloud and virtualisation.

EDB Postgres, boosted open source

In addition to the power of PostgreSQL technology, Ciuch chose EDB Postgres to have international support. This not only secures the solution but also reassures end customers.

From constructing an architecture to building a trust-based relationship

Digora built the new environment but also trained the Ciuch teams and helped them connect with other publishers in order to give additional depth to their projects, compare them and avoid bad experiences.


The company Ciuch, with 130 employees, whose 2019 turnover reached 18 million euros, provides automated solutions in warehouses and works with e-commerce players, such as Cdiscount, retail players or companies with more specific needs such as the lottery company FDJ.

The group's customers had new needs. With the wider availability of virtualisation and the cloud in particular, Ciuch's WCS (Warehouse Control System) solution had to adapt to these needs and become more flexible. Ludovic Beyaert, IT Director at Ciuch, decided to migrate their solution to EDB Postgres with the support of Digora.


A proof of concept in just 3 months

In 3 months, an in-depth proof of concept (POC) was carried out to eliminate blockages and create a clear vision of the solution.

By choosing EDB Postgres, Ciuch has international support. This not only secures the solution but also reassures customers.

Quick and easy deployment

While initially planned to have several stages, the migration was ultimately carried out very quickly in a single phase thanks to EDB Postgres and the Digora teams.

What were the results?

The results of switching to EDB Postgres were immediately obvious. The Ciuch solution can now be integrated more easily into the architectures of customers and into multi-technology environments. In addition, the level of security is equivalent or even better than on the old solution.


Conteneurisation d’une application dans le cloud

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