Ensure the smooth operation of your data

Your data needs energy and services.

Operate your infrastructures with managed services

Whether your strategy is to use the cloud or an on-premise solution, your data requires efficient and available infrastructures. Our experts operate these infrastructures to ensure their maintenance in operational condition with robust service (SLA) guarantees. DIGORA's 24/7 managed services can meet rigorous Uptime Guarantee needs (up to 99.9%) and thus ensure the continuity of your services.


How do you best operate your information system?

In the cloud or on premise, your data needs an efficient infrastructure that is available when you need it.

Cloud opéré

Cloud service operations

Our experts manage your cloud or hybrid infrastructure. Based on the unitary components provided by the CSP (Cloud Service Provider), they ensure the instantiation and operation of your infrastructure architectures. 

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Services managés

Managed Services to maintain your IT environments in operational condition

We take care of incident analysis, monitoring, change management, operations, governance and support for your infrastructure and critical data. They can be operated up to 24/7 by teams of experts who rely on our monitoring, analysis and tracking (ITSM) tools.

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