Manage your data

Data is alive, it has to be governed!

Data governance, a continuous cycle of improvement

Data evolves and multiplies, it is subject to changing regulations. It needs its infrastructure to be managed throughout its life cycles. We support our customers with governance of capacity planning, FinOps and support services to manage regulations. By adopting governance services, you can enjoy the benefits of a continuous cycle of improvement.


How do you govern your data?

Data governance makes it possible to guarantee the compliance of your IS and your data with regulations, certification needs, publisher licenses and above all its alignment with your strategy. Take control of your IS!


Architecture and modelling optimisation consulting

With the information resulting from capacity planning and FinOps, our experts recommend the necessary improvements to make more efficient use of IT resources.


Advice on contracts and service optimisation (subscriptions, licensing, etc.)

The pricing of Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) and software publishers requires regular check-ups that are continuously updated. Our experts support you in reconciling cost, performance and compliance to optimise your software and cloud investments in your best interest.

Cloud cost

FinOps Governance

Separating technological choices from costs is no longer possible. In addition, consumer billing requires regular monitoring. We offer you governance that combines operations and Finance, the FinOps, to control, forecast and optimise the costs of your cloud infrastructures.