Joining Digora, a human experience that will never be forgotten!

We only have one chance to have a good first… integration.

Your integration, a key moment

The first days in our new company are often a rich and intense experience. We have set up a personalised integration process allowing you to gradually immerse yourself in the Digora universe.


Warm welcomes are our speciality in Alsace

The first step of your integration journey takes place in Strasbourg, where our head office is located. You will meet various people there for moments of discovery, learning but also getting to know each other.

Accueil chaleureux

A week of integration with the representatives of each pillar

You will start your journey as a Digoran with a week of personalised integration tailored to your profile. In this process, you will meet different representatives from each section of the company in order to have an overview of the organisation and our business.

Digoriens en temps d'échange dans les locaux

A meeting with Gilles

Our president, based in Strasbourg, is keen to meet the future talents of Digora. During your integration, you will be able to talk to him during a face-to-face discussion about Digora's vision and your strengths in supporting the business.

Gilles Knoery président de Digora

How about an observational internship?

The different jobs at Digora can seem complex. You can request an “observational internship” and spend a few hours with a data expert to better understand our business and the data.

Moment entre Digoriens