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Build the best IT infrastructure to power your IT project: on premise, private, public or hybrid cloud, IoT platform, Big Data, appliances...

Infrastructure informatique

IT infrastructure, the foundation of a solid and adaptable IS

The possibilities really are endless today with the private, public, hybrid cloud or even multi-cloud architectures, IoT platforms or Big Data infrastructures. Similarly, even on-premise infrastructure is receiving innovative upgrades with increasingly high-performance machines and new virtualisation, containerisation, and other technologies.

However, in the cloud as on premise, the IT infrastructure has to overcome challenges in terms of availability, performance and / or security. And it can represent a significant cost. It is therefore essential to build it in an optimal manner.


From network to middleware via the database

Our data management experts build and / or optimise all layers of your IT infrastructure (network, storage, server, VM, OS, database, middleware, etc.) on a wide range of technologies.

Cloud computing

Think about your architecture even (and especially!) in the cloud

The promise of the cloud is its simplicity and flexibility. But it is essential to think carefully about your cloud architecture to ensure compatibility with legacy environments and to control your cloud costs.


IT architecture, the foundation of your IT & business projects

Prepare and optimise your IT architecture to enable new use cases (cloud, virtualisation, SaaS solutions, etc.) and overcome the challenges of availability, performance and security.

Our expertise

Our certifications and partnerships with the biggest players in the market allow us to offer you the best IT infrastructure. Let's quickly build, migrate and deploy your production or test environments, in the cloud or on premise.

Nos expertises

Cloud infrastructure (public, sovereign or hybrid)

Unlock the flexibility of the cloud thanks to our partnerships with the main Cloud Solution Providers on the market (AWS, Azure and Oracle).

Enjoy the benefits of the cloud while gaining more control over data location thanks to a sovereign cloud infrastructure.

Infrastructure Cloud & Cloud opéré

Infrastructure on premise

Keep control over your entire information system by optimising its different layers, whether in your own data centre, ours, or those of our partners.

Infrastructure On Premise

IoT & Big Data infrastructure

Innovate and discover new possibilities with the implementation of an IoT and Big Data platform.

We help you from defining your needs to building a proof of concept. Then, we can deploy our own IoT as a service platform or create your very own IoT and / or Big Data infrastructure.

Infrastructure IoT & Big Data

Customer case: Bandai Namco migrates to a 100% cloud environment for its ERP

With an environment maintained in-house, the famous video game publisher Bandai Namco led an ambitious project to update its Oracle ERP and migrate to a 100% cloud environment.

“For our businesses, this migration was completely transparent. We have now gained a lot of flexibility on the IT side to set up new environments, add more power and especially implement our DRP which ensures a real level of security that we did not previously have."

David Aubert, CIO Europe at Bandai Namco

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