Structurez vos données pour mieux les valoriser

Structure your data to give it even more value

Take the first step of Data Management by structuring your data via mapping and ideation.

Structuring your data, the first step to full Data Management

The whole value of digitisation lies in structuring of your data. It is about extracting value by creating data, knowing your data, its structures as well as its life cycles. By giving your business' professionals access to a reliable and efficient data structure, you transform data into valuable information.


3 levers for an efficient data structure

To structure your data within the framework of a Data Management approach, there are 3 interdependent levers: a feasibility study, the modelling of your data and finally the collaboration with those who use your company's data on a daily basis.


Feasibility study: Mapping of data and customer needs

The mapping of data and the associated needs has to it possible to reconcile the data with their uses while ensuring the data's accuracy and their profitability. Through ideation workshops, our experts help you identify your dataset, their quality, the data flows, your technological assets and actual uses. We help you identify the full potential of your information system.

3d cube

Data modelling and processing specifications

Our experts offer you data modelling in line with mapping. They specify the processes that make up the data life cycle. They offer you the technologies and services needed to smoothly produce your valuable data according to the expected ROI.


Collaboration with data scientists and business liaisons

To efficiently structure your data, our experts work with your data scientists and your professional teams. In this way, we identify the real uses and provide them with access to data and adequate infrastructure services. In addition, we support the IT department in their collaboration with their professional teams to help them succeed in their digital transformation.