Make the most of your data to exploit its full potential!

A single datapoint is of little interest. It is the correlation between several data that contains real value for your professionals and your company.

Data + Data = ROI

Your data has to be collected, stored and enriched to create high-value information. This might seems simple and obvious, but in practice data is all too often scattered in multiple databases, on several servers, in various formats... Only once collection has taken place can we add value to the data.

Ultimately, data only has value if it is easy to access in an appropriate timeframe. It is therefore necessary to deploy the right tools to analyse data flows in real time, create dashboards to visualise data & KPIs and alerts to transmit information at the right time to the right people.


How do you enhance your data?

Your data, your information system, and your use cases, are unique. Let's find the best way to enhance them to exploit their full potential.


Implementation of a data and metadata reception structure (DB, Data lake)

Based on the mapping results, our experts design and provide you with infrastructure services for data storage. The technologies used can be classic relational databases or full data lakes (Big Data, IoT, etc.).

Data collection

Activation of collection services (connector, dblink, etc.)

Our experts deploy collection technologies and services that adapt to your multiple data sources and data flows. We also operate these collection channels.

Data flow

Development of processes (creation of high-value information)

The transformation of data into information requires processing. Our experts develop and manage data processing, whether for real-time processing on the collection flow or in periodic batches on demand.

Bar chart

Development of applications to visualise data

Our experts pay particular attention to visualizing high-value data by developing applications and relying on business intelligence tools. This helps meet user expectations and specific needs in your professional teams.