Ensure the availability of your environments

Access advanced technological skills while reducing your costs and the time required to acquire new skills.

Monitor your sensitive environments, in the Cloud or on site, so you can respond quickly.

Access technical, performance and financial dashboards to make the best decisions.

Ensure the availability of your critical environments over extended timeframes (24/7).

Develop your environments to increase efficiency while controlling your costs.

Become more agile with our 3 Managed Services offers

To meet your challenges, we have built our Digora Managed Services offer around 3 pillars:

  • Agile contracts adapted to our clients' environments, invoicing based on units of work and a catalogue of services;
  • A commitment to quality for performance (expertise, tools...);
  • Integrated governance based on a partnership.

Our Managed Services offer is split into 3 service levels to meet your agility, cost and performance challenges: Technology Support, Monitoring and Administration.

Our Managed Services solutions operate both in on-premise and Cloud environments. This way, you can control the whole production chain.