Respond to new professional and business challenges

Your business is constantly evolving and your customers expect you to develop new service-oriented business models as well as more proactive solutions.

To make this possible, you have to create value for your company by:

  • Bringing more value to your IT, your services and customers
  • Accelerating your development and the time to market of your service offerings
  • Developing a recurring and close relationship with your customers to anticipate their business, strategy and markets,
  • Transforming your business models and optimizing your internal processes.

The IoT is a big opportunity for your company.

Harness the IoT for your transformation

With our global approach, our methodology and the agile and interoperable IoT HUB platform that we developed, we support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your IoT projects to enable the convergence of IT and OT (Operating Technology) in your value creation.

We implement a user-centric design methodology to:

  • Diagnose and understand our clients’ businesses and strategies,
  • Raise awareness around the IoT and begin identifying use cases,
  • Prioritize and work out the most interesting and profitable use cases for you.

This user-centric design method is based on workshops that take place on your premises and with your teams to:

  • Define the perimeter,
  • Define the value,
  • Identify the value,
  • Audit the IS,
  • Create a synthesis of the projects through a business plan defining ROI and inverse ROI.