The Cloud is full of promise and makes you more agile

The Cloud, whether private, public or a hybrid of both, provides agility, performance and reactivity, but also the ability to pay-per-use so you can align your Information System with business needs.

But it also raises questions: how can you migrate to the Cloud? What is the impact for IT security? Does it allow for better cost control? How do I manage my Information System in the Cloud? What about cloud license compliance?

The right cloud architecture for a smooth migration

Through 3 complementary and independently usable services, we support you in your migration to the Cloud.

We have developed strong partnerships with public cloud leaders (Amazon AWS, EBRC, Equinix, Oracle, Microsoft Azure...) to address all of your issues.

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Are you a software publisher? We have a solution for you to switch to SaaS.

Feasibility study

Let's work out your trajectory towards the Cloud together:

  • Identification of your business and IT challenges
  • Audit of physical infrastructure
  • Audit of application mapping
  • Network and security impacts                       
  • Compliance licensing (depending on the chosen Cloud Service Provider (CSP))
  • Presentation of solutions adapted to your challenges: private, public or hybrid cloud
  • Macro-encoding / impact analysis according to the selected CSP
  • Implementation proposal and planning

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Migrate your environments:

  • Upgrade of your architecture to ensure its portability to the Cloud
  • Implementation of the Cloud architecture in accordance with best practices
  • Validation of a POC (Proof of Concept)
  • Deployment of a pilot
  • Migration of your environments to the Cloud


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Managed Cloud Services
  • Ensure the Availability of your services in the Cloud
  • Maintenance in operational condition
  • Guaranteed uptime for periods of time ranging up to 24/7
  • Dashboards
  • Capacity planning
  • Recommendation of upgrades
  • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP/BCP)

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