The purpose of this charter is to recall the fundamental values defended by DIGORA. It applies to all suppliers and collaborators, employees and managers of DIGORA in all countries where the DIGORA group is present, in compliance with European standards and local laws and regulations.

DIGORA conducts itself, in the economic world, in accordance with laws, regulations and customs and acts with rectitude, honesty and transparency, in particular with regard to human rights, health and safety, the environment and respect for competition rules.

Through various standards imposed on its employees, DIGORA undertakes to respect the laws and regulations applying to the profession and/or the sector of activity of its clients.

Protection of employees

Labor standards

DIGORA undertakes to respect freedom of association, to recognize the right to collective bargaining, not to contribute to all forms of forced or compulsory labor, child labor and not to discriminate in respect of employment and occupation.

Respect for others and diversity

DIGORA ensures, in its field of activity, the respect of the individual and his private life, the safety of working conditions and the development of individual and collective skills.

DIGORA strives to develop a working environment for its employees that is free from pressure, pursuit or persecution or any action considered as harassment.

DIGORA prohibits any discrimination on the grounds of origin, morals, sex, disability, political or religious opinions and trade union membership.

Human rights

DIGORA undertakes to respect the protection of human rights and to ensure that its employees in the performance of their professional duties do not become accomplices in the violation of these rights.

Protection of personal data

DIGORA is committed to a virtuous approach towards the personal data of its employees and customers. To this end, a Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) has been appointed within the group and measures have been put in place to regulate data transfers outside the European Union.

Morality and responsibility

DIGORA employees observe the laws and regulations as well as the rules of deontology specific to their activities in accordance with the provisions inserted in their employment contract.

Protection of customers


DIGORA carries out missions that fall within its field of competence and knowledge. To do so, DIGORA masters the fundamental knowledge of its fields of intervention and expertise, keeps them up to date and develops them in line with the missions entrusted to it.

DIGORA provides its clients with formalized services that are personalized to the needs expressed. These services must comply with the commitments made in terms of time, cost and quality.

The fight against corruption

DIGORA undertakes to act against active and passive corruption, influence peddling, extortion and bribery in accordance with Articles 435-1 and 435-3 of the Penal Code.

Thus DIGORA employees must not commit acts of corruption and must not use intermediaries with the aim of committing such acts.

Independence and transparency

DIGORA is committed to carrying out the missions entrusted to it in complete independence and to fully serve the interests of its clients.

DIGORA undertakes to inform its clients of the links it maintains with its partners, in particular if they are likely to create a conflict of interest.

Environmental protection

DIGORA is committed to applying a precautionary approach to environmental problems, undertaking initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility and encouraging the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

Protection of corporate assets

Image of the group

DIGORA employees undertake to refrain from any denigration, negative communication, not to support a boycott action, institutional campaign or any unfavorable action towards DIGORA of any nature whatsoever, including the use of social media.

Any external communication is subject to prior validation. No communication may be made by an unauthorized person.


DIGORA undertakes to apply professional secrecy, to preserve the intellectual property and the intangible heritage of its clients as well as the information collected within the framework of its missions. For this reason, a confidentiality clause is included in all employment contracts of DIGORA employees and subcontractors.


May 2020