Digora, integrator of Oracle solutions and more

Agencies in France, Morocco and Luxembourg
years of experience

Created in 1996, Digora has its headquarter in Strasbourg (France). We are a services company specialized in computer engineering (ESN, Entreprise de Services Numérique) and especially in Data management and valorization. Digora proposes implementation and outsourcing for your Information Systems including complex architectures (DBMS, Middleware, Cloud computing, Big Data…).

Digora has built its business model on a strong relationship with Oracle that has last for 20 years. We are one of its main partners on the French market but we also offer expertise on other technologies as IBM, Microsoft, vmware…

Preferred partner from medium-sized companies to the public sector, Digora also proposes its services to french Key accounts in all kind of fields.

The Software Asset Management (SAM) represents an important activity for Digora. Through SAM, customers can optimize their Oracle softwares budgets while following the guidelines of editors.

Last but not least, Digora is the oldest training center with the Oracle University label.

Bpi France Excellence 2016         Oracle Platinum Partner


For 20 years, our partners policy has been our first preoccupation. Today, we invest a lot in trainings and certifications on Oracle, IBM and Microsoft technologies for our consultants. These investments represent 10% of the global payroll. Thanks to this partners policy, you get:

A large and complete panel of technologies to perfectly fit your needs in terms of IS, infrastructure, networks, software packages including complex infrastructures.

Advices from experts to choose the best technologies at the right prices.

The most important team in France concerning services on Oracle technologies. We have 50 certified Database administrators and are highly skilled on SQL Server and certified by Microsoft.